Day: 1 is the first episode of the first season. It first aired on September 9, 2016.

Summary Edit

A major flood in Washington causes the Ryder family's cousins and grandparents to move in with them.

Plot Edit

Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.

At the Ryder House, the Ryders watch TV they find out that there was a major flood in Washington where their cousins and grandparents live. There is a knock on the door. Daniel answers to see his grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt rushing in with suitcases. Kylie, Daniel's mother, asks what they are doing. Kylie's mother, Jane, tells them that the flood forced them to move here and they have to stay at the Ryder's house until they can find a place.

The next morning, Daniel takes his backpack while Jake sits watching the TV while Spencer sits at the table on his school laptop. Kylie walks out with Daisy. Daisy takes her backpack and Kylie starts to walk out the door. Crystal runs downstairs all ready with her backpack. Wally follows. Judi tells Kylie that she has to finish up doing something and asks her to take her kids to school. Kylie is annoyed but agrees.

At school, Daisy and Wally walk into her class. Her teacher, Mrs. Yark introduces Wally to the class. In his class, Daniel takes out his test and realizes he was so distracted by his cousins that he forget to study. His teacher, Mrs. Drane, goes around collecting tests. Daniel tells her that he forgot. Meanwhile, in Mr. Anderson's class, Crystal is having fun with her class until she forgets to catch her classmate, Patricia and she is sent to detention. At lunch, in detention, Daniel, Crystal, Daisy and Wally have all gotten detention.

At the middle school, Jake finds out Ryan is in half of his classes and follows him around asking several questions. After blurting out loud in class both he and Jake get in trouble for "talking" in class and are given after school detention. Meanwhile, at the Ryder house, things are even worse as Kylie has to yell at Spencer to stop getting distracted with his home school as Judi runs around trying to catch Zane while Rick and Jane just sit watching TV and reading.

Kylie picks her kids, Crystal, Wally and Ryan up from school and detention as Zane is put down for a nap. The first day of living together is finally over until they all realize the sleeping situations when their trailer is taken away for an expired license.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Colton McCarville as Daniel Ryder
  • Hunter McCarville as Spencer Ryder
  • Braxton Trotter as Ryan Michaels
  • Austin McCarville as Jake Ryder
  • Leila Trotter as Crystal Michaels
  • Isabella McCarville as Daisy Ryder
  • Elias Trotter as Wally Michaels
  • Kai Trotter as Zane Michaels

Also Starring Edit

  • Richard Trotter as Rick Michaels
  • Iudita Trotter as Judith "Judi" Michaels
  • Janet Trotter as Jane Michaels
  • Ann McCarville as Kylie Ryder
  • Ryan Trotter as Ian Michaels
  • Michael McCarville as Randy Ryder

Guest Cast Edit

  • Benji Oak
  • Emily Frost
  • Mrs. Yark
  • Mrs. Drane
  • Mr. Anderson

Quotes Edit

Kylie: So why couldn't you have moved into Judi's parents house. Which is three times the size of ours?

Jane: Apparently you haven't been following the news. The flood take out more than just Chehalis. You're just lucky we told them and their five kids and grandkids that you didn't have enough room for eighteen more people. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Ryan: So when does history start?

Jake: 10:00

Ryan: Math?

Jake: 11:00

Ryan: Band?

Jake: 12:00

Ryan: Lunch?

Jake: 1:00

Ryan: Science?

Jake: 1:30

Ryan: Reading/Writing?

Jake: 2:30

Ryan: Than when do we go home?

Jake: 5:00

Ryan: Reading/Writing are 2 hours and 30 minutes?

Jake: No but detention is at 3:30 and almost everyone gets it. I actually just told my mom that school is over at 5:00 so she thinks I just never get detention.