The first season of Disney Channel's Family: 14.

Plot Edit

When a major flood in Washington causes the Ryder family's cousins and grandparents to move in with them for a short time which turns into more than two years. They experience life changes including Daniel's first day at Middle school, Spencer graduating and going to college and Ian losing several jobs.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Colton McCarville as Daniel Ryder (22-22)
  • Hunter McCarville as Spencer Ryder (22-22)
  • Braxton Trotter as Ryan Michaels (22-22)
  • Austin McCarville as Jake Ryder (21-22)
  • Leila Trotter as Crystal Michaels (18-22)
  • Isabella McCarville as Daisy Ryder (20-22)
  • Elias Trotter as Wally Michaels (19-22)
  • Kai Trotter as Zane Michaels (20-22)

Also Starring Edit

  • Richard Trotter as Rick Michaels (22-22)
  • Iudita Trotter as Judith "Judi" Michaels (21-22)
  • Janet Trotter as Jane Michaels (21-22)
  • Ann McCarville as Kylie Ryder (19-22)
  • Ryan Trotter as Ian Michaels (16-22)
  • Michael McCarville as Randy Ryder (15-22)

Guest Cast Edit

  • Elena Roberts
  • Benjie Oak
  • Hunter Peanuck
  • Ray Walker
  • Emily Frost
  • Mrs. Yark
  • Mrs. Drane
  • Mr. Anderson

Episodes Edit