Test No.: 3' is the second episode of the first season of Family: 14. It first aired on September 16, 2016.

Summary Edit

Ryan is caught cheating on his test as Spencer and Jake are sick. Daniel and Crystal are paired up for a fifth/fourth grade project and Daisy and Wally w=await the reveal of who their big buddies are.

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Colton McCarville as Daniel Ryder
  • Hunter McCarville as Spencer Ryder
  • Braxton Trotter as Ryan Michaels
  • Austin McCarville as Jake Ryder
  • Leila Trotter as Crystal Michaels
  • Isabella McCarville as Daisy Ryder
  • Elias Trotter as Wally Michaels
  • Kai Trotter as Zane Michaels

Also Starring Edit

  • Richard Trotter as Rick Michaels
  • Iudita Trotter as Judi Michaels
  • Ann McCarville as Kylie Ryder

Guest Cast Edit

  • Mrs. Yark
  • Mrs. Drane
  • Mr. Anderson

Absent Edit

  • Janet Trotter as Jane Michaels
  • Ryan Trotter as Ian Michaels
  • Michael McCarville as Randy Ryder